Our Story 我們的故事

We were backpacking in Scandinavia once upon a Christmas and came across a book by a Japanese free-spirit who traveled across the world. We dreamt of doing the same, only I already had a “dream” job in an “elite” corporate career program that allowed us to live around the globe. It was the business class of travel, see the world in style & comfort. We were already “globetrotting”; it would be silly to give this up.

Or would it?

Like every backpacker-at-heart, we knew seeing the world this way just wasn’t the same. We wanted to vagabond corners of the earth because for us, “roughing it” is not just a lifestyle; it is an attitude to life. It is about being young, being free, embracing uncertainty and more importantly – letting go.

Life is a series of lessons in letting go. Letting go of things that you cannot take to the grave in pursuit of things that are truly important – like dreams. So we confronted our first fear – letting go of our jobs and a financially secured future – and bought one-way tickets to destiny unknown. Who would’ve thought that a dream to see the world would eventually evolve into a 63,000km overland journey to our roots… we learned the ultimate lesson: when you let go, you gain so much more.