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Day 116: Disappointed.

Sun breaks over Lago Moreno

Finally coming to an end of our 2 weeks in the lake district and will be boarding a bus to Mendoza shortly. Can’t say I’ve fully enjoyed our time here, things could have worked out much smoother. We chose to go to the wrong places at the wrong time in the wrong way… Continued 繼續看…

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Day 113: Lakes From The Argentine Side

Reflections in a laguna beside Lake Hermoso

It’s our 11th day in the lake district (7 days on the Chilean side) and we just decided to stay another 4… (think it’s more me than “we” though! KF seems to wanna get to Mendoza soon but I’m not ready for bustling cities). Continued 繼續看…

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其中一個酒莊外的 barrels 裝飾

Cafayate,薩爾塔 (Salta) 縣的釀酒區,又是一個 super tranquilo 的鎮。是不是造酒的地方都清幽和富貴的呢?這裡與南法根本上是相同的,吃的和喝的亦是上等佳餚。不同的是這裡沒有地中海,卻在甜點方面多了一名要員 - 紅和白酒雪糕! Continued 繼續看…

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Day 96-97: Hitchhiking the back road to Cafayate

Truckload of builders heading back to work

It’s hard to rub this smile off my face. I’m 30, but for once since 21 I feel invincible again. Here we are on the back of a pickup truck we just hitched, mountains in our faces, wind in our hair, bouncing along a lonely dirt road in northern Argentina. Continued 繼續看…

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今天是黃Glenn 生日,我們打算做些新奇刺激的事 - 截順風車 =)

看過旅遊書的講解,在阿國截車應該沒危險,於是我們再次在沒周詳計劃下於 Cachi 這白色小鎮隨意遊走、到處問人去哪裡、有否認識其他人會駕車去我們目的地…

過了兩句鐘,黃Glenn 有些鼓譟難耐 Continued 繼續看…

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超級好客的 Jose


May 12
第一天,過境沒旅遊書說的嚴謹和無限次行李搜查,黃Glenn 和我暗喜。市貌比玻國邊境清潔企理得多。到巴士站買票,車費確實比玻利維亞貴一倍,但巴士質素卻不見得比玻國的提升了… 是的,我應該接受現實並極速消化阿根廷與歐洲無異的物價指數。 Continued 繼續看…

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Day 94: 港男背包客存在嗎?

Purmamarca 的七彩山

剛到Purmamarca,聽旅館老板說兩星期前才一共住了三位香港人,不是一夥兒來而是獨自旅遊的背包者,一個走了下一個接著來。最詫異是她們都是女子。我又驚又喜、也有點不憤。 Continued 繼續看…

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Day 93: Do you believe in rainbow coloured mountains?

Fourteen Colour Mountains – Northern Argentina

Jujuy wasn’t really part of our original plan until we heard about it from a Taiwanese traveller we met in Medellin. He told us about the mountains of seven colors here (at Purmamarca); I was intrigued and determined to see for myself. Continued 繼續看…

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Day 92: Arriving in Argentina

Wasn’t quite ready to leave Bolivia this morning… But all that changed when we got off the bus at Humahuaca, a small town in the Jujuy region in northern Argentina.

There was something magical about this place. I haven’t had a chance to even see any of Humahuaca but I just felt it in the air. Maybe because we’re finally in Argentina… Continued 繼續看…

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