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玻利維亞,匆匆的來如今終可休息享受兩天了。圖皮薩 (Tupiza),一個超級恬靜寫意 (tranquilo) 和不問世事的 cowboy 小鎮。我們住進了只得我倆的五人房,空間感大得讓我們有家的感覺,我也得以閒適地回首我在玻國的日子。 Continued 繼續看…

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Day 91: Last Day in Bolivia

Bicycle outside photo shop.. yes they can still develop 36 exp film here!

Tupiza, it’s a relief to be here! Not really much to do or see, nearby landscapes are pretty much similar to what we’ve seen or will see over the next week. But it’s laid back and much warmer than Potosi or Uyuni – just what we need! Strange how our perspectives are a little twisted now. Having spent the last couple weeks at altitudes around 4,000m, being back down at 2,900m feels like normal and it’s easy to forget that we are actually still pretty high up. Continued 繼續看…

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Snapshots: 玻利維亞 Bolivia

Endless salt flats of Uyuni

Extracting salt from the world’s largest salt flat

Salt cones, Uyuni salt flats

Salt cones and 4×4, Uyuni salt flats

Light streaks burn the horizon at dawn, Uyuni salt flats

Thermal waters in Bolivian Andes

Vicuñas grazing before relentless mountains

Bolivian Dreamscapes

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Day 89: White Desert, Lost Necklace, and a Broken Camera..

Salt.. Salt.. nothing but blindingly white salt!

Waiting for 2:50am train to Tupiza, our last Bolivian stop. There have been many moments like these where we find ourselves stuck in awkward hours… can’t wait to rest in a decent place – the last time we felt really comfortable and clean was in Cusco, almost 2 weeks ago. Backpacking Bolivia can be tough… Continued 繼續看…

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第八十九天:鹽湖之旅 (二)

我想再著墨說一下我的團友們。兩位英國大男孩和兩位法國醫科生。一直 stereotype 英國人很紳士和拘謹,而法國人會高傲和不願用英文與人溝通。我在他們身上看到了不一樣。 Continued 繼續看…

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第八十八天:鹽湖之旅 (一)

一群火烈鳥 (Flamingoes) 在鹽田上飛過

鹽湖 (Salt Flat) 旅程終於展開。很可惜,我沒有太大感動。

對這是很震撼和一望無際,但就是因為它是一片無盡的白色平地,全個下午在這大地上行走或坐在奔馳的車子內就有點沈悶了… 加上一開車時就發現我們多付了錢和被騙,當然心有不甘;之後黃Glenn 相機的其中一個鏡頭給跌壞了,未幾他的護身符不見了,終極一役是我們一團六人被司機丟掉在鹽田上 1 小時 45分鐘 Continued 繼續看…

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Day 86: Staying fed in Bolivia

Approaching Uyuni at sunset – 9 hours bumping on a dusty road

Our 6th day in Bolivia but not quite grasped the pace of life here. Finding good local fare seems a matter of luck and timing I’ve learnt is key to staying fed. Most comedors stop serving lunch at 2pm, and it’s hard to find something open before 9am – if you have an early bus to catch or arriving in the afternoon, it could mean going with an empty stomach for a while. Of course you can always Continued 繼續看…

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Day 84: Into hell and back

Miner pushing trolley through the tunnel

It is hard to imagine that Potosi used to be Latin America’s largest and wealthiest city, having once upon a time financed the Spanish empire for over 2 centuries. Potosi’s nearby Cerro Rico (“rich mountain”) was historically mined for its silver, a commodity plundered during the Spanish conquest on the back of forced labour. A painful past, 8 million slaves lost their lives under Continued 繼續看…

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第八十三天:波托西, 冷得要命

天意弄人,永遠做了決定才發現有更好的,例如黃Glenn 的 alpaca 毛衣,如買了往波托西 (Potosi) 的車票始意識到先往蘇克雷 (Sucre) 可能會方便一點… 昨晚的巴士冷得要命,而且早到 - 天未光五時多就抵達波托西,當然下車後更冷!為甚麼想車早到一般都會遲,想晚些卻都不得要領?我穿了差不多全部的暖衣物,背著背包到處找旅館也依然很冷。今天的多倫多,大概暖得可到沙灘打排球吧。


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Day 83: Hey Bolivia ain’t that cheap!

Calle Jaen – the most beautiful street in La Paz.
Like Quito, the barrio clings to the mountainside in the distance.

After a day in the capital, we set off on an overnight journey to Potosi, a small colonial town towards the south of Bolivia.

The bus ride felt like a night in the ice hotel. We were the only foreigners and came well prepared with all our warmest clothes. But having seen how all the locals carried thick blankets on board, we felt like amateurs. Afterall, Potosi is Continued 繼續看…

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