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瓜雅基爾(Guayaquil, 路過而已)。從基多 (Quito) 坐通宵巴士來接駁另一巴士往秘魯利馬。九小時的車程縮短了兩句鐘 - 我們要呆坐六小時才可再出發。 Continued 繼續看…

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Day 63: Here we go.. hell-bent 40 hr bus ride!

Quito at 2,850m above sea level

So we’ve decided. A night bus to Guayaquil tonight, followed by another 24-28 hour direct bus to Peru’s capital. Back to back 2 nighter journey. Now we’re really appreciating the vast size of the South American continent…

Will be entirely out of touch for the next 2-3 days!

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Day 61 & 62: Hongkies in Quito!

La Ronda – restored 17th century houses in Quito’s old town

Day 61
Thanks to no hiccups on the road or border crossing, we’ve successfully made it to Quito in perfect timing with a couple old friends from home who happen to be in the city at the same time. We were particularly looking forward to this day – none of us would’ve imagined our paths crossing in another corner of the world! Continued 繼續看…

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基多 (Quito), 沒好感。是我被哥倫比亞寵壞了嗎?

厄瓜多爾首都最吸引的肯定是舊城區 - 很多舊建築物、廣場和教堂。Glenn 說這裡像東歐,我有點詫異,因為基多完全彌漫不到東歐的浪漫與懷舊氣氛… 坦白說,好些街角還讓我想起觀塘工廠區呢!也許與無限巴士在噴廢氣有關吧!話說回來,基多舊而破落,Glenn 慨嘆這地方被浪費了,若能恰當地保存和維修,這城定必很有味道云云…

我不認同,皆因這裡的天氣很灰暗,每天都會下雨,大部分時間都很陰沉;而且當地人都目無表情和看似不快樂 (不知會否和氣候有關) ,這樣的話,就算城市規劃 (urban planning) 和保育做得再好,基多依然會是一個欠缺活力和冰冷的首都吧!

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Day 60: Losing Ourselves On Otavalo’s Market Day

Got up early for our border crossing into Ecuador which turned out to be one of the quickest and simplest crossings we have made. No issues, no questions, best of all – no lineups.

After a 3 hour journey through beautiful mountainous landscapes clouded in white haze (at times it felt like we were cruising through a land in the skies), we were dropped off just outside Otavalo and told to wait for the local bus to take us into town. Continued 繼續看…

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