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第一百四十天: 再見拉丁美洲…

4.5月來只坐過一程短途機 (巴拿馬城去卡塔赫納),我沒意識地被長途巴士寵壞了 - 這 10句鐘的夜機對我來說過得很快,看完一齣戲後已沒有足夠時間睡個飽!加上座位向後傾斜度絕對不及舒適的巴士,我顯然有些不習慣Continued 繼續看…

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第一百四十天: 巴西的一點一滴


有些失望,沒想像中的火辣,用健美來形容倒很貼切,一般都樣子甜美和很有 “肉地”,而且必備一個小肚子。大碼細碼的均毫不 Continued 繼續看…

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Day 139: End of the Road – Latin America

Rio de Janeiro seen from Corcovado
- the world’s most jaw droppingly gorgeous city

This is it. Our journey in Latin America has come to an epic end. Who would have thought we’d travel through Central and South America by land, with only a hopping flight between the two. We’ve clocked 450 hours of bus and boat time, covered 28,000 kilometers of gravel, dirt and asphalt (3 times the flying distance from Rio to London!), 17 border crossings and 14 countries. We made it – Mexico City to Panama City; Cartagena to Rio de Janeiro; 139 days, traversing from the sea level beaches of Nicaragua up to altitudes of 5,000m in the Andean plains of Bolivia, and back down to sea level again at the jaw dropping beaches of Brazil. Continued 繼續看…

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Snapshots: 巴西 Brazil

Brazilian woman watching her nation play in the 2010 World Cup
When Brazil almost conceded a goal…
Born to Saaaamba!
Arms open wide – Christo embracing beautiful Rio de Janeiro
Mountains cascading beyond the Sugar Loaf

More snapshots…

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Day 136: World Cup on Copacabana

When the Portuguese almost scored…
Brazil vs Portugal. A former colony confronting their former colonizers on the battlefield in South Africa. I had huge anticipation for the match and so did the rest of Rio. Out at Copacabana, the streets were a sea of yellow and green. Even dogs were dressed in Brazilian jerseys. Everybody sounded their horns as they headed for the beach. Continued 繼續看…

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第一百三十五天: 最後一程南美長途巴士



我和黃Glenn 都累透了



將要到達全球最著名的沙灘享樂 (主要是視覺的,因為巴西女子出名火辣和性感),我要投入盡興,我不要浪費這南美的最後主打!!!

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Snapshots: 阿根廷 Argentina

Bandoneons, Buenos Aires
Tango, Buenos Aires
World Cup Celebrations, Buenos Aires
Argentina scoring their 4th goal against South Korea in the World Cup
Football in a local playground near the Boca Juniors stadium
Waiters preparing to serve lunch in an Argentine steak house, Buenos Aires
Autumn reflections along route of the 7 lakes
Quebrada de Humahuaca – 14 colour mountains

More Snapshots…

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Day 130: Uruguay on a run

Parillas of Mercado del Puerto in the capital of Uruguay

With a couple days to spare, we decided to add a few more passport stamps to our collection and pay Uruguay a whirlwind visit – a day in Colonia del Sacramento and a day in the capital Montevideo. Continued 繼續看…

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第一百三十天: 烏拉圭

Colonia del Sacramento,非常別緻的沿海小鎮,17世紀末被葡萄牙佔領以走私到阿根廷首都布宜諾斯艾利斯 (Buenos Aires),當時烏拉圭統治國西班牙反擊,往後二百年有英國加入戰團要踏足這小鎮要侵權。廿一世紀的今天,走進石板小巷,看到不少於澳門見過的葡萄牙式瓷磚門牌,白底藍花裙邊,很有風味;那邊廂馬路上盡是古典舊車,有殘破也有光鮮的,腦海即地閃過古巴哈瓦那 (Havanna) 的懷舊。此外,這小城有歐洲式的小橋流水,還有很童話的城門做背景,你要是誤會了自己置身在歐陸古裝片拍攝現場也絕不為過。 Continued 繼續看…

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