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Snapshots: 巴爾幹半島 Balkans

Rovinj, a picturesque town on the Istrian coast.
Pink & violet are signature colours of the Croatian sunset.
Boats docked at Rovinj’s harbour, Croatia
White graves of those who gave their lives in the Bosnian conflict.
Different years of birth, same year of death.
Golden statue of Bill Clinton rising before the proud phrase: ”No Negotiation. Self Determination!”,
a strong reminder of Kosovo’s desire for independence, which was backed by the Americans.
Creepy Gjirokastra trapped in time, Albania

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Day 180: Blazing through Montenegro

One of the coastal villages we passed by on the Montenegran coast

Really wasn’t much to see in Montenegro. Not one to judge as we only stayed in Kotor for a night and quickly made our way across the Albanian border. May have discovered more if we had our own vehicle and stayed a little while longer, but from our bus ride along the Montenegran coast, passing the main highlights of the country, I was glad we didn’t waste more time here. Continued 繼續看…

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