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Snapshots: 巴爾幹半島 Balkans

Rovinj, a picturesque town on the Istrian coast.
Pink & violet are signature colours of the Croatian sunset.
Boats docked at Rovinj’s harbour, Croatia
White graves of those who gave their lives in the Bosnian conflict.
Different years of birth, same year of death.
Golden statue of Bill Clinton rising before the proud phrase: ”No Negotiation. Self Determination!”,
a strong reminder of Kosovo’s desire for independence, which was backed by the Americans.
Creepy Gjirokastra trapped in time, Albania

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第一百七十六天: 可愛的薩拉熱窩


薩拉熱窩 (Sarajevo),第一次世界大戰的觸發點。我以為又是見者流淚的悲壯畫面,沒想到我聽見歡笑聲和許多可愛的人與事… Continued 繼續看…

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第一百七十五天: 悲情城市

悲情城市,不在天水圍,在我們不太熟悉的波斯尼亞莫斯塔爾 (Mostar)。十多年前的內戰,令前線戰場莫斯塔爾千瘡百孔、死傷枕藉。一道道建築物牆上的子彈痕跡、一個個年青人死於 92/93年的墓碑、一座座曾經絕代芳華卻被炸至遍體麟傷的頹垣敗瓦… 劫後餘生,人民們怎都擠不出笑容來,是歷歷在目的過去太沉重,要忘記談何容易?這國家也太窮太苦了,戰後 十多年的今天仍無力修補外傷,更遑論生還者的心靈重創。 Continued 繼續看…

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