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Snapshots: 東歐 East Europe

A violinist charming a young lady with a song in romantic Budapest
Budapest skyline at sunset
Tram #47 crossing the Danube on Liberty Bridge, Budapest
Locals starting their day with a morning soak in Gellert Baths
Artists gathered in Krakow’s main square, Poland
Krakow old town, Poland
Charming Sibiu, Romania
Spooky Transylvania, Romania
Young boy watches the photographer with curiosity, Romania
Bulgarian monk at Rila Monastery

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Day 159: Castle Hike

Spissky Castle rising majestically behind town

What a long day! Got up for an early start to leave Zdiar, got caught in pouring rain walking to the bus stop, got stuck 2.5 hrs at another bus station (Poprad) because it was Sunday (infrequent bus connections), got lost in the old town of Levoča upon arrival, bumped into Kit & Stevy again(!) who showed us to their privat, and ended our afternoon hiking up to Spišsky Hrad together, one of Europe’s largest castle ruins! Continued 繼續看…

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Day 158: Chillin’ in the mountains

Mountains at our doorstep

Found it difficult to peel away from Zdiar, Slovakia. Rolling green hills and rocky mountains right at our doorstep, a sleepy village with hardly any travelers, a comfortable privat (private B&B type accomodation) with a nice little garden, and best of all – cooler temperatures! Continued 繼續看…

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第一百五十七天: 完美的一天

我們與當地人打成一片一起燒烤,Matej 其實很孩子氣 =)

昨天從波蘭沙高班尼 (Zakopane) 過境到了斯洛伐克的小村落 Zdiar。尤幸村內唯一的 hostel 滿了,我們在旁邊一家家庭式經營之有房出租民宿找到價廉物美的落腳點 - 私人房間連洗手間,房裡大得可裝下四張床、衣櫃、電視等之餘仍有極大活動空間 (怎麼我好像在描述新樓樓盤呢?!),而且很是整潔乾淨,我們很快就決定在這裡留宿。 Continued 繼續看…

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