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Day 150: Baltic Summer

A fairy tale red castle bathing under the summer sun in Trakai, Lithuania

Almost feels like Slovenia 2005 – Beautiful summer sun, beer and flip flops. We’re in Vilnius, Lithuania.. Didn’t think we’d be here right now but here we are. Continued 繼續看…

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第一百四十七天: 全世界最白癡的航空公司和飛機場

黃Glenn和我有共同敵人 - Ryanair和超爆垃圾的挪威機場 Norport!! 由於飛機零件有問題,乘客排隊登機中途有廣播說飛機要延遲30分鐘。說來也可笑,引擎有問題登機前沒發現,等到一半乘客上機了才要他們回候機室… 不專業?更多不可思議的 “笑彈” 即將放送 Continued 繼續看…

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Day 147: Get us to Riga!!

Stuck onboard for almost 2 hours…

After a good week’s rest in our old homes of Manchester and London, we’re back on the road again, ready to kickstart the next leg of our journey. It’s a bag of mixed feelings. I’m so ready to go, but “excited” isn’t quite the description. Think I’m still missing Lat Am a lot. I know KF is. Continued 繼續看…

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