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Snapshots: 東歐 East Europe

A violinist charming a young lady with a song in romantic Budapest
Budapest skyline at sunset
Tram #47 crossing the Danube on Liberty Bridge, Budapest
Locals starting their day with a morning soak in Gellert Baths
Artists gathered in Krakow’s main square, Poland
Krakow old town, Poland
Charming Sibiu, Romania
Spooky Transylvania, Romania
Young boy watches the photographer with curiosity, Romania
Bulgarian monk at Rila Monastery

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Day 209: The YouTube Freak

Plovdiv Old Town

It’s good to be back in Bulgaria. We were supposed to take the bus tonight to Istanbul, but found it too tempting to stay here in Veliko Tarnovo. The city is nowhere as charming as Bulgaria’s old town Plovdiv (though it’s hard to stroll around without seeing pretty faces), but we just feel really at home at the Loft Hostel. Continued 繼續看…

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第二零八天: 我已經充滿力量啦!!!


在羅馬尼亞的日子很淡然,無驚喜亦無憾事,總之沒甚麼特別心情可分享,故九天的時光裡,我安心做大懶蟲,只用心在下雨天和 Continued 繼續看…

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Day 195: Sleeping at a Bulgarian monastery

Rila Monastery

We heard of sleeping in monasteries from a Belgian family we met in Albania and decided to see for ourselves what it was like to spend a night in one.

Rila Monastery is Bulgaria’s most famous and I could see why from the minute we entered the courtyard. Immediately surrounding us were four levels of arched walkways which house the monks’ living cells. In front stood a domed church with beautiful murals, whilst the Rila mountains behind provided nothing short of a spectacular backdrop.

Continued 繼續看…

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第一百九十五天: 莊嚴的修道院、"神聖"的修士

今天一大早醒來,長途跋涉往保加利亞最著名的修道院里拉修道院 (Rila Monastery) 去。五個多鐘頭的舟車勞頓後,我們終於到達。入內一看,嘩!絕對物有所值 - 莊嚴的教堂置在庭院的中心點,迴廊的牆和天花滿是神聖和色彩鮮艷的壁畫 (旅遊書說整個修道院有1,200幅),而包圍著教堂和廣闊庭院的,是四層高總共300個修士寢室,即我們今晚棲息的地方。 Continued 繼續看…

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