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Snapshots: 巴拿馬 Panama

Children hanging out by an abandoned house
on Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro
Palm fringed shores of Boca del Drago beach, Bocas del Toro
Colonial architecture in Casco Viejo, Panama City
Old Panamanian licence plates 
A cargo ship from Hong Kong passing through the Panama canal

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我想說,巴拿馬讓我感受最深的,是當地人的無禮。跟其他中美洲國家的熱情好客截然不同!博卡斯 (Bocas) 不計因為這是屬於沙灘和派對的小鎮,大部分都是外地遊客或外來人在這裡落地生根… 到了 David 和巴拿馬城 (Panama City) ,他們就原形畢露了。先是 David 的巴士售票員,然後是司機和坐在我旁的那位女乘客。先不說他們的差勁態度,我只是希望 Continued 繼續看…

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Day 44: Bridging the Pacific and Atlantic

First thing we saw at the canal – a Hong Kong container ship!

When I think of Panama, the first thing that comes to mind is the canal. And today we got to marvel at this engineering wonder at work. The canal connects two oceans, facilitating global trade routes such as Asia & East Americas / Europe. Massive cargo liners carrying BMWs, Mercedes and other various goods passed before our eyes, slowly being positioned into the locks and raised as the gates closed and the locks’ chambers filled with water. Continued 繼續看…

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Day 39: Bribing our way into Panama

Crossing the bridge to Panama
Panama – final chapter of our LP guide (that is now falling apart), and the final leg of our Central American tour.

We decided to cross the border at Sixaola-Guabito for two reasons: (1) getting to Bocas del Toro and (2) a laid back border crossing where we hoped our passport wouldn’t raise much of an issue with visa requirements – our understanding was it should be visa-free, just need to pay US$5 each for a tourist card. Continued 繼續看…

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