Who Are We 我們是誰 ?

Meet the vagabond couple!

霏 | Her (aka 梁飛 | KF)
Professional daydreamer & travel addict, KF spent most of her days as an exchange student backpacking Europe instead of studying in the library. Curious about the world and its myriad of cultures, she is a firm believer of the Chinese saying that you learn more from a thousand mile journey than a thousand books. She travels to experience, to understand, to seek the truth and… to send postcards home from each & every corner of the world.

山 | Him (aka 黃道| 黃G)
Backpackin’ rocknrolla & travel photographer, G fell in love with traveling the moment he hit the road for a month long journey during his college heydays. It was the same time he started using a point and shoot camera to document the things he saw and the friends he met to share with folks back home. Seeing the world was like experiencing everyday things for the first time, and the taste of freedom kept him coming back for more. He travels to see, to feel, to capture, and simply to be.