Portfolio Launch! 攝影集面世啦!

Finally put together my photography folio! g.wong.photography is a photographic journey around the world. Includes work from our vagabond days and previous travels. The portfolio’s concept aims to help people in need and inspire others to travel and see. Visit the site to learn more and please tweet/facebook this to share with friends!

終於把自己的攝影集整頓好了!g.wong.photography 是一個漫遊世界的攝影旅,內含這次浪遊與過去幾次遊歷的小作。相集也有一套概念,希望通過攝影去幫助有需要人士、也希望能驅使你我繼續用親眼見證人類與世界之美。請twitter/facebook與朋友分享,多多支持!

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