Day 289: 回到祖國 Home Turf!

真值得紀念的一天,十一月二十五日,終於回到中國了, 回到自己的國土,回到自己的家鄉。看到紅色的國旗、熟悉的臉孔, 只能用百感交集來形容。從歐洲陸路回國的夢想總算成功了!




We made it!! Back in our motherland! Feels awesome stepping foot on home turf. The Khorgas border (Chinese side) is probably the most civilized and service oriented crossing ever – every traveler is given the opportunity to rate the immigration officers “performance”. Wow, how far have we come. Makes me feel proud and super patriotic.
I got wings now: can chat, ask questions, read menus, do anything!!! Oh so done with kebabs and tasteless food.. bring on the Chinese cooking!

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  1. Leslie says:

    COngrats!Yay for succeeding in realizing the dream! I was waiting for an update! But are you doing to be writing in Chinese now? THat's not going to work… LOL!

  2. 山 him says:

    Hahahah no I will write some Engo too ;)

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