Day 282: Ready to leave Uz

Intricate mosaic work at the avenue of mausoleums – the finest of the Islamic world

Today must be the low point for me in Uzbekistan. Yes Samarkand is impressive… but the city lacks the small town feel of Bukhara and Khiva. And infrastructure is… well, not so friendly. Watched 3 buses pass by the station without stopping, WTF?

Shah-i-Zinda (avenue of mausoleums), Samarkand

I’m getting tired of the Uzbeks. Hardly anyone is helpful, nor do they even try. Obviously I don’t speak Uzbek nor Russian and I know you don’t understand anglitsky, but we can still communicate if you just have a little patience. It’s only a train ticket I want, simple. Please, don’t give me that ‘fuck off’ look, I’m not going to.

Registan complex in Samarkand, one of the most impressive sights in Uzbekistan

Everybody is out to get your money. Entrance fees to major sights are comparatively high, and I wonder how much actually end up in the government’s pockets as opposed to the door guards’ own. And why does our food bill always end up much higher than the prices originally quoted? Have been eating the same shit everyday. If it ain’t shashlyk (grilled meat skewers), it’s lagman (noodles). Every restaurant has the same amazing national dish menu with – tah-dah! – only 5 things to choose from. That’s what I call variety.

Blue domes of Samarkand

Tashkent (capital) tomorrow… apparently lots of Korean eateries. Can’t wait, Asian food!

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