Day 277: Train to Khiva

The restored main gate of the city of Khiva

Whoaa Khiva! A superbly preserved & restored Silk Road city. The moment we stepped foot within the city’s fortress-like mud walls, I must’ve droped my jaw like many ancient merchants did when they first arrived, having hauled for days through the desert. You don’t need much imagination to feel Khiva’s glorious past, much of which still shimmers.

Khiva panorama
The train last night wasn’t so bad except there ended up being 6 in the compartment when there should only be 4. We boarded at 1:30am and found only 1 bed available. Our assigned beds were occupied by snoring men. The wagon warden came, saw, and asked us if the two of us could share the only available bed. Had I known how to say “fuck you?” in Russian, I would’ve. He woke the men up, who then evacuated the beds we paid for. As I tried to shove my backpack onto the overhead baggage shelf, I was shocked – one more guy was sleeping right there. WTF! I’m sure they weren’t ticket-holders, must have bribed the warden to board the train.

imagine arriving on camel back…

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