Day 254: My name is Jumong

Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, Shiraz

“Jumong!” a little boy yelled with glee as I passed by. I smiled and walked on without a clue what he was referring to.

Then another, and another, greeted me with the same. “Jumong! Jumong!”

I couldn’t walk around Shiraz without being noticed and called “Jumong” or asked with a curious grin: “Jumong?”

Soon before long I was catching on…
Vaulted arches of Vakil Mosque, Shiraz

I have witnessed Iranian families watching Korean TV serials (dubbed in Persian) with eyes glued to the telly. No joke. Just like Asian TV serials dominate dinner time entertainment of many local Hong Kong families, Korean TV serials have swept the entire nation here in Iran. And “Jumong” seems to be a big hit. I happen to look like Jumong, the lead character in this serial, and so everywhere I go, everyone is calling me Jumong.


Shopping Time: The bazaars of Shiraz are some of the best in Iran

Now everytime a taxi driver, shopkeeper, or just some random passerby we strike up a convo with, I tell them I am from Korea and my name is Jumong. It’s guaranteed a laughing response. But so far, no matter how much Iranians love Jumong, my claim to fame has not resulted in any free meals, hotel stays or autograph requests. They aren’t so gullible afterall!!

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  1. Leslie says:

    Okay now i want to know what this Korean soap star looks like!

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