Day 245: From Iraq to Iran

From Iraq to Iran : The Hamilton Road

Took the Hamilton Road from Arbil (Iraq) to Orumiye (Iran). Long ass journey for a short distance because most of it is on winding mountain road built by Kiwi engineer Archibald Hamilton from 1928-1932. Read about the spectacular scenery from LP and scenery did not disappoint. Sun baked mountains, lush blonde pastures (looking like they’ve been shampooed & conditioned), rich brown soil. Landscapes reminiscent of Bolivia – endless land and rippling mountains.

Earthy yellow and brown painted landscapes

Border crossing was pretty straightforward but felt a little tense… like a scene from recent news showing freight trucks crossing between Pakistan & Afghanistan (and Taliban attacks on NATO convoys). People here actually thought we were from Afghan, that’s something new.

Shampooed & conditioned pastures

Was asked what I thought of Iran by one of the border guards. I don’t know yet… But having dreamt of seeing this country since 5 yrs ago (though lacking the guts to do so) I can only say I’m hella excited!!

Emerging from the Gali Ali Beg canyon
Travel Info
A daily bus departs from Arbil at 7am to Orumiye (Iran). US$30 per person, expect a 7-8 hour journey with 1-2 hours for border crossing. A prearranged Iranian visa is required. The bus company is called Federal Company (Tel: 0750 4475222 or Email:

Approaching the city of Piranshahr on the Iranian side

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  1. Leslie says:

    Amazing scenery!

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