Day 241: Leaving Mount Nemrut

Heads on Mt Nemrut

Got to Kahta yesterday. Once off bus we were greeted by a tout who wanted to take us to his hotel and offered tours to Mt Nemrut. Told the tout we were planning to stay closer to Nemrut at the village Karadut and try hitch a ride to the summit, so weren’t interested in his offer. He told us his hotel’s name: Kommagene. Immediately rang warning bells – this hotel is known for ripping tourists off, we learned from a post on Thorn Tree. I told him we were gonna grab a bite first and if we reconsider we know how to go directly to his place.
Halfway through a kebab, he reappeared at our table and sat down to join. Also hungry he said. Throughout lunch he kept hard selling us. Opening price TL100 per person including accommodation. No interest. Eventually, after a series of reductions he offered a final price TL60. Seemed reasonable, besides staying in Kahta would be more convenient for food and onward travel. We went to look at his hotel.

We met a Spanish couple at the lobby who said their stay wasn’t so great and were moving to Karadut. We inspected the rooms, looked ok for a cheapie but I still wanted to head into Karadut. Told Mr. Tout we weren’t taking his offer. He let off a sinister laugh – he knew the Spanish had not said things in his favour. TL50, final price he said.

TL50 is a good deal and I knew this was no rip off. Transportation to Nemrut’s summit and back, plus double room accommodation. I wouldn’t need to fuss with finding a ride nor worry about getting stuffed with no choices at Karadut. Fine, we’ll stay.

There wasn’t any negotiation whatsoever throughout the entire ordeal, Mr Tout made lower offers of his own accord. I didn’t even bargain, just said I could do it cheaper my way. He knew it was true and wasn’t being forced to price cut. But he was not happy – understandable if you’ve been ripping off tourists everyday and now faced with travelers armed with info (thanks to Thorn Tree).

a clouded sunset from mt nemrut

I didn’t like the hotel owners. Mr Tout and his partner Irfan were quite rude and cold to us, a stark contrast to the friendliness he showed to those he ripped off (paid TL120 per person). I didn’t like what I saw but I couldn’t really tell the tourists – they looked quite happy, why should I ruin their moods… Everybody has a different budget afterall.

Next morning Irfan tried to sell us on his tour to Urfa. No we’re heading to Diyarbakir and Mardin. He said it’s easier to catch a bus from Urfa to Diyar or Mardin. Bullshit!! Seriously, you should know by now I know my stuff, don’t try to cheat me! He tried to persuade me but bottom line for me was: even if he were telling the truth, I wasn’t gonna give him my business.

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  1. ace says:

    what a jerkhole.

    your pics are so well thought out. beautiful composition.

  2. Leslie says:

    good job to be armed with all the info possible! very savvy travellers you are!!

  3. Calvin says:

    It's day 214 right insteas of 241? Planning a trip to turkey next year. Nice info Glenn

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