Day 226: Up in the air

Up, up and up!

I’m a little boy again, running around Cappadocia’s fairytale landscape with balloons suspended mid air all around me. Like colourful bubbles floating in a gravity-less dreamscape, it is all very very surreal.

This was yesterday, my second morning of balloon watching. Seeing the sky full of hot air balloons is a sight that requires slapping yourself in the face for a reality check. There were at least 50 of them rising over Cappadocia at sunrise. I was up by 5:30am, adding further to an already heavy sleep debt, but it was worth it.

Count the balloons…

If watching balloons rising from ground level was this much fun, imagine the exhilaration of watching ground level slowly sinking away from a balloon! Our virgin flight this morning was nothing short of breathtaking: 80 minutes of jaw-dropping views, floating gently in warm golden sunshine at times with Cappadocia 5,000ft beneath us, the tranquility interrupted only by momentary bursts of the propane burner and those far off in the distance…

Dazzling rock formations seen from above

I’m convinced Sanjay, our flight pilot, has the best job in the world. What’s better than waking up in a dreamscape, floating amongst fairy chimneys and a skyful of balloons? Whilst most corporate slaves drag themselves into an office of stressed out colleagues and disgruntled customers, here’s Sanjay starting his day with incredibly positive energy from people who have just experienced an unforgettable moment in their lives. And come winter, why not head south to fly balloons over Kenya’s migrating animals or New Zealand’s summer landscapes? The opportunities seem limited only by imagination.

The world, five thousand feet below…

Maybe this is the type of career change we should all be aspiring to. Sanjay dropped his corporate life in exchange for this.

As for my career… guess it’s still up in the air!

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  1. Rafzana says:

    Wow, amazing views!!

  2. Leslie says:

    This is sooo amazing! I totally want to go on a hot air balloon! But it has to be views like that unbelievable! I think I want one of those photos framed!

  3. ace says:


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