Day 220: Certified World’s Lousiest!

…continued from Day 218: Visas = bitch

I’m on the verge of punching Stupid in his face.

It’s Friday and we’re back at the lousiest consulate in the world again.
Stupid said we could pick up our visa at 10am but knowing how unreliable he is, we arrived at 11:30 just in case. We were stupid for believing Stupid – once again he delivered an empty promise and told us to come back at 4pm. WTF?? 4pm?? Why?? I don’t think our visas are even approved yet. We’ve waited an extra 3 days and it seems like nothing was done. What really pisses me off is Stupid’s attitude – unfriendly, unhelpful, and downright rude. How does someone so incompetent walk around with so much ego?

Come 4pm and here we are, waiting again. Same old story. Finally at 5:30pm we were told our names cannot be found on their system. What a disaster. They said come back next week. Next week? Didn’t ya hear me say we’re leaving Istanbul on Sunday?! Ok come back tomorrow. WTF? Tomorrow is Saturday. Ok then wait til 6pm. You must be fucking with me, right? Already wasted us over a week of waiting for nothing, 3 days of traveling to & from the consulate, plus US$80 in visa fees. Enough of this shit. Give my passport back and keep the change. I’m crossing your lousy country off my list.

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One Comment

  1. ace says:

    oh wow! that is brutal. is that what u ended up doing…?or are u going to try an alternative way?

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