Day 207: Train kept a rollin’

Peles Castle at Sinaia, Transylvania

On a train to Bucharest (Romania), don’t think we’re gonna make our connection to Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), so not quite sure where we will end up today. That’s ok. For now I’m just enjoying the scenery roll peacefully across the windows, accompanied by a soothing soundtrack from my earphones, watching KF sleep and letting my mind float away with the melody.

I can’t believe it’s September. Time seems to be such a distant concept, a forgotten dimension. I find myself asking if we’ve really been traveling for 7 months? Or just in the deepest slumber, awake in our most vivid dreams? At times it feels like a dream within a dream; my memories of Latin America feel that way – that ambiguous feeling of whether it really happened in this life or some other dimension.

I miss my music. I miss my guitar. I miss losing myself in rhythm and harmony. I feel like a rolling train with an unknown destination. Where do we stop, where do we end? Doesn’t matter so long I’m in the driving seat with my lifelong companion to co-pilot this journey.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Awww… this is such a sweet post! LOVE you guys!!

  2. ace says:

    i know! the last line is so sweet!

  3. Tracy says:

    Sooooo sweet it could put anyone in tears… :)
    Enjoy the remainder of your trip Pilot and Co-pilot.
    Miss you KF!

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