Day 198: Leaving Serbia… confused.

Serbs whiling away the afternoon in Belgrade

Belgrade. The Serbian capital made a good stopover point as we prepare to cut through Romania from the west. There’s a pretty energetic vibe to the city, everyone seemed to be out and about – young adults hanging out at cafes; old folks playing chess in the park. I’m sure the nightlife here is as great as any Western European capital, though we were too tired (or old?) to see for ourselves. We could hear music thumping faintly in the distance, all the way from our hostel.

We thought it would be a good idea to drop by the country and learn more about Kosovo from both sides of the coin. Disappointingly, the military museum didn’t teach us much so we chatted up a couple young Serbs instead who held a very different perspective to Artan (our friend in Kosovo). When asked about the relationship between the two people, both Bilijana and Ljubu told us “there is none”. I sensed distaste of their self-proclaimed neighbour.

It’s hard to paint a full understanding from the limited time we spent in Serbia and Kosovo. Came to learn about the truth but leaving more confused… If I must conclude, it would be thank god I didn’t major in politics. I have no interest in the subject matter but unfortunately, somewhere, somehow, we all get involved.

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