Day 186: A Quick Hop To Greece

Morning coffee at a cafe on Corfu

I told you I told you… You weren’t gonna be interested in Greece!! But it was hard to resist, the Greek island Corfu was only 90 mins away from the Albanian coast it would seem silly not to hop over and find out for ourselves what this part of Greece was like. And so we did, we came, we saw… and now we want to go back to Albania.

Corfu is a very pretty town but not one that I will remember. We have no guidebook for Corfu so had no idea what to expect and the information centre is closed for the weekend (how useful is that!). I thought it would be a laid back fishing village but not quite. Reminds me of Rovinj but Rovinj is prettier.

We’ve been overwhelmed by our experience with Albania and Albanians – a lovely country and such lovely people – we already miss it. Have decided to go back tomorrow instead of staying a couple nights here.

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  1. wanderlass says:

    Never heard of Corfu so I googled it. Looks like a charming little town that's quite touristic. Were the people nice at least?

  2. 山 him says:

    Hey wanderlass! the people were alright.. not overly friendly or hospitable, nothing like Albanians!

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