Day 178: Nudebathing Dubrovnik

An old boat sailing pass Dubrovnik

We were at a nudist bay on Lokrum island just outside Dubrovnik. The views were amazing (c’mon people, I’m talking about the sea…) and the water so clear you could see 15ft below. Everybody was just happy to let it hang (including myself). Being bare all for all, the area was much less crowded and way more laid back than the island’s other swimming holes. You could easily enjoy this piece of paradise in your own space, with absolutely nothing on. Liberate from social customs and swim free.

We got into Dubrovnik yesterday morning and pretty quickly found ourselves a nice apartment to stay in. Spent the whole afternoon on Lokrum, bathing in the sun and swimming the clear Adriatic.
Dubrovnik at night – shot captured 5 years ago; it was much less crowded
Dubrovnik still retains its beauty and not hard to see why so many people are here. Thankfully its larger size accommodates the crowds much better than Rovinj. 5 years ago, one of my best trips ended right here. I thought to myself how cool it would be to repeat the journey one day, continuing from here through Montenegro and the rest of the Balkans, all the way to Turkey.

Tomorrow is when that ‘one day’ begins…

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  1. ace says:

    lovely… and at peace for letting it all hang. what abt kf?

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