Day 172: Who says Croatia is great?

It’s getting worse. I didn’t expect Croatia would be like this: unfriendly & uninterested people, as if you are just another tourist face that they can’t be bothered. And is it some effects from ex-Yugoslavia? People here are ineffecient and not smart, from day one we’ve been spending time in queues for paying accommodation, buying bus ticket etc.

Another surprise for me is this non-EU country is by far the most expensive country of our trip, so expensive that I am close to convince myself that I’m in Switzerland. I really don’t mind paying the high cost, only if it deserves it, and I can’t give Croatia a pass yet, taking into account the accommodation quality, the people and the infrastructure for independent travellers like us.

Glenn says Zadar should be quieter and less like a tourist trap, I only wish that Ryanair wouldn’t ruin it and so as the last hope I have for this once GW’s favorite.

“Doesn’t really matter.” I tell myself, while walking in an extremely pedestrian unfriendly road to find the only pizzeria in ‘village’ (I don’t even know if I got it right). “We still have a lot of interesting and less touristy places to go before we head down to Middle East, such as Bulgaria, Albania, BiH…”

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  1. Rafzana says:

    Hey guys, sorry to hear Croatia is such a disappointment. I've been there 7 years ago and it was great back then. Hope you still find something enjoyable over there!

  2. ace says:

    thank you for the english post kf! hang in there, hopefully it will be worth it eventually!!! i miss u guys xo

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