Day 172: Croatia – The Sequel

Rovinj – old town surrounded by the Adriatic

Rovinj, an old town perched on an egg shaped peninsula on the Istrian coast of Croatia. There’s no denying the city’s charm but the place is infested with tourists! We spent a few nights here just to kick back hoping to chill and swim in the Adriatic, but the weather was disappointing – got hit with a rainstorm on Thurs, and though there was sun yesterday it was on and off. Too many boats and a little rough. I can think of many better places around Croatia’s Dalmatian coast for a swim.

It’s kinda like Venice here (without the bridges and canals), KF says it reminds her of Greece. Since KF has been to Greece before and I’m not interested in getting sucked into a tourist blackhole, we are thinking of ditching our visit there to explore Bulgaria & Transylvania instead. Don’t like crowds, and perhaps for the same reason my (once) favourite European destination has failed to impress. Croatia topped my list effortlessly when I first visited 5 years ago. It was June then, the best time to visit, just before the peak summer months. Now late July, everybody and their dog seem to be fighting for a share of the Adriatic. You can find cars from Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, even Denmark… the entire EU is here. Prices have skyrocketed too – hostel bed at €20-25, 4 hour bus ride €25; this isn’t how I remember Croatia to be. Five years ago it was way cheaper than Slovenia, today it’s the other way round. Cost-wise, it’s like traveling in London or NYC. Ridiculous!

Rovinj’s harbour at sunset

And the people… not as friendly as they were before, indifferent and uninterested in who you are or where you’re from because you are just another tourist. Are these the consequences of the onslaught of tourism?

I hope it’s just Rovinj. I want to know what’s in store ahead, revisit more of the country before I draw conclusion but something tells me what they say is true – the sequel is never as good.

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    amen to the last line.

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