Day 169: Soča Valley

Sheep grazing along the Vršič Pass

I’m liking Slovenia much more than the first time I was here. We spent a couple nights in the Soča valley at Bovec (wish we had stayed longer) and the beauty of the surrounding mountains and rivers has changed my perspective of this country. I didn’t visit the Soča valley last time and so glad we made the trek out here this time round.
The Julian Alps
Continuing from Bled, we took a bus north to Kranjska Gora and changed for another bus to Bovec. The latter took us via the Vršič Pass, a road that twists and bends its way up the mountains, topping 1,611m before winding its way back down again into the Soča valley on the other side. There are 50 hairpin turns, 24 up and 26 down, with spectacular scenery that seemed to change with every 180 degree turn (although after a while you might start feeling nauseous). We were fed views of the awesome Julian Alps as we sat in our seats like children with mouths opened.
Kayaking and fishing on the Soča
The Soča river didn’t disappoint either. A refreshingly clear turquoise, it looked tastefully delicious – I could sip it in a cocktail glass! The bus followed the river for several kilometers, passing sleepy villages tucked away in the Soča valley, until we reached Bovec.
Bovec was too commercialized for our liking, but being the regional hub it provided convenience for transport, accommodation and information. Would have liked to stay or camp in the villages instead but without our own wheels and proper gear it was tough. We hiked around the area yesterday, picnicked by the river and fell asleep to the sound of flowing water.
Chilling by the Soča  River
Wanted to stay another night but unfortunately our penzion was reserved for tonight and other options were outside our budget. Damn… I would’ve loved to kayak down the Soča…

This morning as we left, we backtracked on the same bus via the Vršič Pass. It was even more beautiful bathed in the golden light of the morning sun. I already want to come back and was quietly thinking to myself when the next time would be…

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