Day 159: Castle Hike

Spissky Castle rising majestically behind town

What a long day! Got up for an early start to leave Zdiar, got caught in pouring rain walking to the bus stop, got stuck 2.5 hrs at another bus station (Poprad) because it was Sunday (infrequent bus connections), got lost in the old town of Levoča upon arrival, bumped into Kit & Stevy again(!) who showed us to their privat, and ended our afternoon hiking up to Spišsky Hrad together, one of Europe’s largest castle ruins!

The grand castle sits on a strategic hilltop

My feet are so sore I can barely stand. We’ve been hiking a lot lately (a couple hrs to Lake Popradie in the High Tatras the day before, and Kasprowy Wierch the day before that)… Remind me, didn’t I say enough? Why do we do this to ourselves…!!

Medieval town centre of Levoča

It was fun though, with Kit & Stevy. The young couple (we’re almost a decade older!) have become our latest travel companions. We’re headed the same way, moving at a similar pace. With extra brains, figuring out our next steps is easier. Going to Budapest (Hungary) but need to decide if we want to do it via Bratislava, the Slovak capital, or Tokaj, a small town in northern Hungary…

Roll the dice!

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  1. ace says:

    what an adventure! they are the couple from HK?

  2. 山 him says:

    ace: the couple from England but Stevy is actually originally from HK!

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