Day 158: Chillin’ in the mountains

Mountains at our doorstep

Found it difficult to peel away from Zdiar, Slovakia. Rolling green hills and rocky mountains right at our doorstep, a sleepy village with hardly any travelers, a comfortable privat (private B&B type accomodation) with a nice little garden, and best of all – cooler temperatures!

The garden where we chilled & bbq’d
The last 2 nights here were animated with good company. We decided to bunk down at this privat with Kit & Stevy (a young English-HK couple we met on the bus), and made friends with Matej & Veronika (a Slovak couple vacationing here) over shot after shot of vodka. Booze is often effective at breaking down language barriers!

love the fact that you can’t escape the mountains wherever you go

Matej (Matthew) was hilarious. He was always smiling (the biggest smile I’ve seen) and trying hard to find the right English word to complete his sentence. A big fella and a big heart too. Each night he’d set the garden table full of food and drinks enough to feed a party of 10(!); we were invited to eat together. We’d end up drying a couple small bottles of Slovakian liquor and chilling till midnight, singing out loud Linkin Park tunes but failing so cos we didn’t know the lyrics. Last night Jan the privat owner joined us too and seeing that the bottles had gone dry, jumped on his moped to bring back a new bottle of vodka. It was a great night.. Barbecued kolbasas (sausages), 9pm sunsets, mountain views and cultural exchange.. finally I was beginning to enjoy Europe.

It’s hard though, after you’ve seen South America and had your heart captivated in those lands 10,000 kilometers away. Everything here pales in comparison. Traveling is too convenient, no excitement of land crossings, disciplined traffic, clean and orderly cities… even the backpackers there were different – a mentally mature and adventurous breed that made conversation so much more interesting compared to the amateur crowd here looking for a cheap party. Old habits also die hard; we still find ourselves replying with si or gracias, throwing toilet paper into the bin then remembering we’re back in first world where toilets flush properly…

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  1. ace says:

    it's funny how u guys still have the habit from SA.. by the time u go back to Asia, you'll have the Euro lifestyle down!

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