Day 155: Climbing to the Polish-Slovak Border

On top of Mt Kasprowy Wierch

That’s it. No more strenuous exercise for the rest of summer! We’re sitting at the top of Mt Kasprowy Wierch (1947m) with Poland to our left and Slovakia to our right, and my legs feel like jelly…

We could have done it the quick way via cable car but we wanted to hike. We were told it was a relatively easy hike (by someone whom I would later find out had not actually hiked it). 3 hours uphill… what was I thinking! It was a full on workout.

A flowing creek beside the uphill trail

The trail started off with a very mild inclination, running comfortably along a creek and shaded beneath a canopy of pine trees. An hour later we cleared into an open space and saw where the cable cars led… Far. All I can say is it’s a hell lot more gratifying to look back upon how far you’ve come than to look forward at the long road ahead.

An hour later, we crossed paths with the cable cars. To our horror, there was
still a long way to go… the peaks at the top left!

The next 90 mins was designed to break legs. A narrow rocky trail that climbed relentlessly uphill without hardly any flat runs. Joc (a hiking junkie friend of mine) would prolly think this a piece of cake but god was I struggling! The thought of turning back and having it easy downhill did cross my mind a couple times… But I wasn’t gonna waste the park entrance fee!!

View from above: Poland to the left of the ridge, Slovakia on the right.

Taking it a bit at a time, we finally made it to the top, hiking an elevation of 967m. So relieved this is the end!! I can’t feel my legs anymore… and we’re definitely taking the cable car down!

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  1. Leslie says:

    WOW that is one intimidating hike! Good job guys! What a great achievement.. satisfying I'm sure!

  2. Rafzana says:

    You guys are become my heroes more and more! Amazing trip! I'm sure you are very proud when you reached the top!

  3. Marcin says:

    You actually achieved much more – 1967 meters above sea level, not only 967! Nice blog, by the way!

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