Day 150: Baltic Summer

A fairy tale red castle bathing under the summer sun in Trakai, Lithuania

Almost feels like Slovenia 2005 – Beautiful summer sun, beer and flip flops. We’re in Vilnius, Lithuania.. Didn’t think we’d be here right now but here we are.

We had a tough time deciding where to go following Germany’s loss in the world cup. Berlin was within easy reach to hit up and watch the finals there but guess they won’t be partying anymore. We did come close to dropping our Baltics to Balkans plan and fly to Madrid or Amsterdam to watch ESP vs NED… Didn’t really feel like going to St Petersburg anymore and finally decided Spain or Holland were too far a detour. So, here we are.

Old Town of Riga – no luck with sunshine in Latvia

Riga was pretty cool. Like another Tallinn (Estonia) but bigger, with a huge Russian influence (43% Russians 41% Latvians). Russians are everywhere, Russian can be heard everywhere. Then came the realization that East Europe was gonna pose it’s own travel challenges – language!! It’s small and easy to get around, but every country has it’s own tongue! Suddenly i wished i could just download and speak, as if in the Matrix (keanu reeves: “i know kung fu”). Had difficulty understanding the menu or even just identifying milk in the supermarket. Fortunately enough English is spoken; how the hell are we gonna pull through Middle East!!

Sparkling posh’d up Old Town of Vilnius

Vilnius feels different from the other Baltic cities we’ve been. Old Town is so polished it almost reminds me of bling bling Monaco! Beautiful though, and definitely lives up to the charms of Eastern Europe (also in a bling bling sorta way). Lithuania has such a sad history – occupied by the Russians, then the Germans during the Nazi reign, and then the Russians again. Genocide, repression, mass deportation… really, why are humans so inhumane?

Strolling the old winding streets of Vilnius
with Orthodox churches all around

Tomorrow night we head further south to Poland… and Auschwitz. Another painful history lesson awaits…

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  1. laalaa says:

    oh my~~
    how come the weather becoming so nice when I left??!!
    i'm in Tallinn now … probably will go back to Vilnius again.. haha…
    envy u two!!!

  2. ace says:

    hey you guys.. it's going to be interesting and full of sadness when you guys tackle it. i guess you can never be fully mentally be prepared for sucha tragedies.

    miss u guys and hope all is well!

    u guys should check out my old friend's blog when they went abroad from canada: check out the left menu side.. and u will see where they went.

    mucho love to my old good friends xxoo

  3. jurkis says:

    Don't go to Vilnius – there is too hot now!!! :)
    It'a a joke of course. You are always welcome.

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