Day 147: Get us to Riga!!

Stuck onboard for almost 2 hours…

After a good week’s rest in our old homes of Manchester and London, we’re back on the road again, ready to kickstart the next leg of our journey. It’s a bag of mixed feelings. I’m so ready to go, but “excited” isn’t quite the description. Think I’m still missing Lat Am a lot. I know KF is.

What a way to start – stuck in Oslo for 10 hours, in transit for our flight to Riga, Latvia. After boarding half the passengers, Ryanair discovered technical probs with the plane; everybody got off and waited 3 hours for another to arrive. We boarded the new plane thinking we’re finally getting outta here… only to find yet another tech failure! The dumb airport crew didn’t board everyone properly, apparently some issue with the boarding system (caused by half the passengers boarding the first time round) and a discrepancy in passenger numbers. They had to do a manual namecheck and headcount of all 176 passengers to reconcile. That took almost another 2 hours.

Clowns figuring out what has gone wrong..

Bored silly, I decided to take pictures for self entertainment. The cabin attendant (above pic: 2nd from right) told me to sit down and delete my pictures. Seriously? After 4 hours of delay without food or drink compensation, watching clowns at their jobs, this is how you speak to a customer? Too funny!

We finally arrived at our hostel at midnight. After about 5 months of bussing around Lat Am without any hitches, I really don’t like planes anymore!

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  1. Ray says:

    If those places are so easy to get to, you won't cherish them as much! Are you not glad that you are finally in Riga now?

  2. Leslie says:

    I wouldn't trust that airline! Glad you guys got there safely!

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