Day 136: World Cup on Copacabana

When the Portuguese almost scored…
Brazil vs Portugal. A former colony confronting their former colonizers on the battlefield in South Africa. I had huge anticipation for the match and so did the rest of Rio. Out at Copacabana, the streets were a sea of yellow and green. Even dogs were dressed in Brazilian jerseys. Everybody sounded their horns as they headed for the beach.

It was overwhelming at first. There were way more people than the Argentina vs S Korea game we watched in Buenos Aires. Waaaaaaaay more. But the vibe jived to a different beat.. kinda in a laid back beach bumming way. It was Rio afterall, and we were on Copacabana. The crowd was in high spirits but not so much dancing and chanting and jumping around than the Argentines. I’m sure the 0-0 result had something to do with it… woulda been nice to see a goal for Brazil.

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We still have a chance though.. next game, June 28!

Watching the big screen on Copacabana beach
“Oi” – Brazilian for hello!
‘Drawn’ by planes flying above
Football is engraved into every Brazilian the moment they learn to stand
Wish I hadn’t busted my wide angle lens…
Yellow & Green, everywhere.

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  1. Leslie says:

    With the scores today.. it must have been mayhem!

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