Day 132: Buenas Noches Buenos Aires

Last night in BA, and I know we’re gonna miss this city… Paris by day, NYC by night. Tango & fine wine, what’s not to love?

All in all, we’ve spent almost a full month in Argentina. What a great country… diverse landscapes and a rich culture. If I were offered a chance to work here, this trip would probably have been postponed. But here we are anyway, as travelers.

Tomorrow we head to Iguazu, a 20 hour bus ride. Then onto Rio, Brazil. Mas Que Nada was in my head the other day and remembered how much I love bossa beats. Humming the tune in my head got me excited about Brazil (finally) and look forward to seeing what inspired The Girl From Ipanema. Done with Carlos Gardel, bring on Mr Antonio Carlos Jobim!

One more thing on our major anticipation list – June 25, Brazil vs Portugal. Should be an awesome match to watch from one of the world of samba football!

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  1. Cindy says:

    I loved Argentina so much too! Reading your blog made me nostalgic…u guys have fun in Brazil!! Fingers x'd but it looks like I will be watching at least one Brazilian match in SAf!!

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