Day 130: Uruguay on a run

Parillas of Mercado del Puerto in the capital of Uruguay

With a couple days to spare, we decided to add a few more passport stamps to our collection and pay Uruguay a whirlwind visit – a day in Colonia del Sacramento and a day in the capital Montevideo.
Colonia was well beyond my expectations; perhaps it was my lack of expectations that made this town a pleasant surprise. A small coastal settlement locked away in time, charmed with vintage automobiles and a lighthouse that watches over the old plaza. Cute and classic, it was like a cultivated, refined version of Antigua (Guatemala). Definitely a well deserved UNESCO world heritage.

Old Town of Colonia
Time washed colours on the Street of Sighs
Street lamps in the old town

I didn’t get to see much because I got tied up with some urgent matters (just realised Monday was gonna be a holiday in Argentina and i won’t be able to pick up me camera lenses from Canon. Problem is we have to leave that day)…

Art deco architecture bearing the proud name of the designer

We finished Montevideo in a couple hours; the old town had plenty beautifully restored art deco architecture but the main attraction was its Mercado del Puerto and the parillas (grillhouses) inside. I’ve wanted to visit a proper market style parilla but couldn’t find one in BA – this mercado didn’t disappoint! You could smell the barbecue from a block away. Slabs of meat are thrown onto hanging grills with burning woodfires for slow roasting. Awesome atmosphere and come lunch hour the place was packed. After a full lunch there, you might consider going veggie for a while!

Uruguayans, like Argentines, know their barbecues

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  1. Dilly says:

    The grilled sausages looks really yummy. I love sausages!!!

  2. Rafzana says:

    I've never thought about visiting Uruguay, but I love your pictures. Your picture with the oldtimer reminded me of Cuba ;-) .

  3. ace says:

    you are so talented glenn. love your photography. u going to let me know how meeting ivan and naty went? want to know!!!

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