Day 123: Vamos Argentina!!

Not even the pouring rain could subdue a nation of passionate football fans. Argentina kicked off Match 3 of the World Cup 2010 at 1100 local time. By 1030, Plaza San Martin was packed with Porteños (Buenos Aireans) eager to watch their country win.

The skies were grey and I was praying the sun would break in by midday but quite the contrary. It started to trickle shortly after kick off and the rain pissed down within the next 10 mins. Armed with umbrellas and raincoats, the wet and cold didn’t do much to hamper the spirits of Argentines out to support their country. Sure, I was let down cos the weather wasn’t gonna get me good pics… but damn, the atmosphere kicked ass!

The game wasn’t great but the entire plaza went berserk when Heinze scored the early goal against Nigeria. Literally exploded. So many scoring opportunities followed but what a pity Arg missed them all. Hope for better luck next game (both for Argentina and the local weather) – but being late starters, not sure if Porteños will be out for the 0830 start?

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  1. Leslie says:

    i LOVE the first pic!!

  2. ace says:

    me too! and the third… i heard that the tango place for coffee is really good! xxoo miss u guys!

    i dreamt about u last night! i must miss u yellow glenn.. hahaaha! but i miss cat more! meoww!

  3. Brian says:

    I like the first one too!! Is that Paul, third person to the right under the flag? ;)

  4. 山 him says:

    Brian: no, it's Maradona.

    hehe love the first one too, one of my fav pics!

  5. Ivan Grimaldi says:

    Hey there! I'm Ivan from Argentina (friend of Adrienne) and I feel very proud of the pictures and the words in this blog!! Thanks for visiting our country and I hope you have great time around here.

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