Day 122: Hola Buenos Aires!!!

Classic Taste – Cafe Tortoni

Night on a bus and a night in Mendoza, night on a bus and a night in Cordoba, night on a bus and here we are finalmente… Waddddddap Buenos Aires!!

Didn’t really get much sleep on the bus, the seats were fine but my mind was acting like the Energizer bunny. We pulled into BA’s Retiro station at 6am and was welcomed with moisturizing cream.
We read many stories about the classic scam – someone deliberately squeezes ketchup on you, another “helpful” local comes over to help clean it off. Whilst distracted, your shit gets stolen, all within seconds. It never happened to us until we arrived in BA – moisturizing cream. Right after we stepped out of the bus station. Perfect, just what I needed for the morning! :) Should’ve taken a pic!

Met mom & pops who just landed in Argentina and will be joining us for a week. Now we’re a gang of Chinos standing out wherever we go.

A queue of patrons waiting for a table

BA is awesome. Old art deco cafes, street tango, cobblestones and historic buildings, piano & accordions.. like the Paris of South America. We spent an evening at Cafe Tortoni, a well known tango cafe, established 1858. The singing was beautiful, but the dancing mas o menos. Not the best tango, may have landed in more of a tourist trap, so will have to scout other local digs.

Love Tango

Argentina plays their first game tomorrow… there’s definitely a subdued excitement in the air waiting to explode tomorrow when (or if) Arg scores. The subway (metro) guard let us take a free ride (unofficially) to celebrate the kick off!

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  1. Leslie says:

    Finally updates! Can't wait to hear about the excitement of world cup there. And your parents have joined! Must be nice to see some familiar faces! :)

  2. ace says:

    WOW… jealousssssss!!!

  3. 山 him says:

    Ace/Leslie: you guys would love it here!!

  4. Rafzana says:

    Argentina sounds awesome! Next year, my sister will be working there for half a year. After reading your stories, I definitely have to visited her ;-) .

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