Day 113: Lakes From The Argentine Side

Reflections in a laguna beside Lake Hermoso

It’s our 11th day in the lake district (7 days on the Chilean side) and we just decided to stay another 4… (think it’s more me than “we” though! KF seems to wanna get to Mendoza soon but I’m not ready for bustling cities).

Achalay Hostel all to ourselves – KF chilling in the kitchen

We’re staying at Achalay Hostel in Bariloche, easily one of the best in our experience! Funny how the hostel just across the road (Periko’s, recommended in Lonely Planet) is full of backpackers, whilst we have a private home to ourselves here. We’ve come to learn the best hostels are often hidden gems and have come to place zero reliance on LP recommendations – if it’s in Lonely Planet, you can be sure you won’t be lonely.

Peaceful Lake Lacar, photographed just outside San Martin
There’s a slight difference in the lakes between Chile and Argentina. They feel bigger in Chile, and you have to travel farther. In Argentina, there are several smaller ones within easy reach. I like the Chilean side for the volcanos, but definitely more so the Argentine side for the spectacular driving routes. We learned, too late, that it’s much easier to rent a car on the Argentine side for travel across the border to the Chilean side than vice versa. Oh well.

I suspect crime is also lower here. In Puerto Varas (Chile) we were told not to leave our vehicle overnight on the streets. In San Martin de los Andes (Argentina) they left their front doors unlocked.

I really like it here. The lakeside chalets (in San Martin and Bariloche) are so beautiul I could totally spend some time in this region every year.. Lakes, mountains, wine… Not to mention 4 hour siestas, what a life.

Tanking up at an oldschool gas station surrounded by the Andes

Actually, I could spend more time in the whole of South America. With under a month left on the continent, we’re definitly feeling sad to leave. Haven’t even made plans for Baltic Europe yet… In fact any part of Europe now has completely lost it’s appeal. It just feels so… bland. I want to head straight for Mid East… Somewhere with punch and character but July may be way too hot…

Sigh. What to do?

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  1. agnes says:

    The scenery's just stunning.
    Mid East is really getting hotter and hotter now, it's 40'C at 6:00am. Wind's blowing like it's from oven in Kuwait, but dont imagine you have to suffer double as if you were in HK, humidity is low and to be honest, it just make one lazy, not frustrated (very much). Maybe you could spend some time in Turkey, Lebanon (dont miss it!), Syria (must go), Oman (super nice) first, then to Iran (another must go) and then to the other more "Islamic" places. In fact, you shall beware of the Ramadan (this year starts on 11 Aug) more than the temperature issue. Anyway, take care.

  2. 山 him says:

    Agnes: Thanks for the tips! Iran is defo on our to-see list..

  3. Marco says:

    Gray trip!! I be last year with friends and we rent a car and a Cabaña on
    I recoment to visit on March because you will fined good prices.

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