Day 120: Loving the vino!

Cordoba’s Museo de Memoria

Chillin at a cafe in Cordoba. Not really feelin the #2 city of Argentina, probably coulda skipped this and head straight for the cap. Buenos Aires tomorrow, here we come. Anticipation and expectations… BA is one city I can’t wait to experience. Symbollically it also marks the finale of our South American tour (Rio de Janeiro is our final stop but it’s hard to feel excited about Brazil anymore!).

Biking around the vineyards of Mendoza

Really lovin Argentina. I could live here for a while. The wine is cheap, and spectacular… We find ourselves havin a bottle almost every other night. Hard to resist when a premium Cab-Sauv, Malbec or Merlot can be had for US$4-5; it would be a crime not to drink! We biked around Mendoza, one of the world’s wine capitals, and came across a small family run bodega (winery). An award winning oak aged 2002 vintage for US$13.. I am smacking myself for buying only a bottle. Yes we are on a budget…. But Jesus what was I thinking??

Hand labelled and yeared 2002
Bottle #6,367 of 9,000

Anyway.. More vino to be had in Buenos Aires… Wine, tango, world cup… u better not disappoint!

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  1. ace says:

    love your photos! miss u guys lots. be safe. so jealous you are going where i want to be!

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