Day 93: Do you believe in rainbow coloured mountains?

Fourteen Colour Mountains – Northern Argentina

Jujuy wasn’t really part of our original plan until we heard about it from a Taiwanese traveller we met in Medellin. He told us about the mountains of seven colors here (at Purmamarca); I was intrigued and determined to see for myself.
During our tour to Bolivia’s salt flats & the southwestern landscapes, we actually saw what they called the mountains of seven colors. I was disappointed – there were only 3 colors (and only because there were traces of snow)! Did I envision “colors” differently and are the mountains in Jujuy setting me up for disappointment?

Jose told us about nearby mountains with 14 colors. They were apparently more stunning than the 7 color mountains at Purmamarca, and best of all they are off the beaten track, less visited by tourists. It was hard not to be sceptical…

But the postcards we saw last night confirmed everything we had heard. Wooah! We have to go! The colours were mindblowing, way beyond my imagination!

We spent the morning looking in the main square for a couple others to join us in order to reduce the costs. Wasn’t successful but decided what the hell, we’ll go ourselves. The hourlong bumpy ride on a dirt road paid out well when we arrived… we were the only ones there, and the view was amazing!

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  1. Leslie says:

    Is that a real shot of the mountain? NO WAY! That's amazing!

  2. Bernice says:

    Wow that is wild!! Did you find out why they're multi-coloured? Is it the minerals in the rocks?

  3. 山 him says:

    Leslie: Yeah man reaaaaaaaaaaaal! now you know why we HAD to go when we saw the postcard!

    Bernice: erm… hmm yeah i think it's the minerals hehe we didn't ask the question, was so shocked we forgot!! but we did ask why the mountains looked so wavy – it's because it used to be below water…

  4. ace says:

    that is so beautiful! your story is so interesting too! i miss u guys! HAPPY BDAY GLENN WONG!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe it is real, like a picture, wonderful.
    Anyway, Happy Birthday!

  6. Rafzana says:

    Wow, it's a breathtaking view! Can see why you wanted to go there!

  7. Joanna says:

    Happy B-day!!! That's amazing!!!!!

  8. trezrtw says:

    wow this looks amazing. i want to go there. i am in Bariloche making my way up north. where exactly are these mountains?

  9. 山 him says:

    trezrtw: it's near Humahuaca, Jujuy province near the Bolivian border. There's no public transport but you can hire a remis (taxi) from Humahuaca for about ARP150 that will take you there and back to town. Try and round up a few others in the main square so you can share the cost.

  10. Giorgio says:

    Hi guys…well done!!! :o ) The colors are 7 but anyway….it doen’t make so much are doing really well :o ) If you come to Buenos Aires, please, let me know. Cheers and have a great trip :o )

    • 山 him says:

      Hola Giorgio! We were in Buenos Aires last June.. pity we couldn’t have met you earlier otherwise it would have been awesome! No worries, I’m sure we will be back again, Argentina is our favourite country throughout the entire trip!

      And yes, you probably can’t count all 14 colours, but that’s the name of this place.. the 7 colour mountains is at Purmamarca, it is also spectacular!

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