Day 92: Arriving in Argentina

Wasn’t quite ready to leave Bolivia this morning… But all that changed when we got off the bus at Humahuaca, a small town in the Jujuy region in northern Argentina.

There was something magical about this place. I haven’t had a chance to even see any of Humahuaca but I just felt it in the air. Maybe because we’re finally in Argentina…

It was by chance we met Jose, our hostal keeper, who was on his way to the bus station to find potential guests. What a character! Like a father who took on the responsibility of ensuring you didn’t miss a thing in Humahuaca, Jose was eager to tell us eveything we can do around here, even suggesting an itinerary for us! He also quickly showed us around the main plaza, explaining a couple sights. What a guy.

Jose wasn’t the only one who exhumed warm hospitality. In fact, everyone we’ve come across in our first hour of arrival have been extremely kind. The owner of another hostal who give us the biggest smile ever even when we werent planning to stay; the shopkeeper who explained the sights of several postcards we were looking at… It’s almost like Colombia!

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  1. ace says:

    also a hospitable country!

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