Day 91: Last Day in Bolivia

Bicycle outside photo shop.. yes they can still develop 36 exp film here!

Tupiza, it’s a relief to be here! Not really much to do or see, nearby landscapes are pretty much similar to what we’ve seen or will see over the next week. But it’s laid back and much warmer than Potosi or Uyuni – just what we need! Strange how our perspectives are a little twisted now. Having spent the last couple weeks at altitudes around 4,000m, being back down at 2,900m feels like normal and it’s easy to forget that we are actually still pretty high up.

Only a day left in Bolivia and I’d love to come back. I wish I could see the salt dessert again, next time after the rain so that the rainwater turns the entire flat into a giant mirror reflection of the sky. Bolivian landscapes are some of the wildest and rawest I’ve seen. Bolivians are also some of the most honest and simple people I’ve come across, their friendliness second only to Colombians. I’ve felt entirely safe in this country even when walking at night (albeit La Paz did keep us on guard). I love how everybody coming inside the restaurant greets everyone else with “bon provechio” (bon appetit); how shopkeepers aren’t trying to hard sell you by telling you the sweater is only 30% pure alpaca wool rather than lying that it’s 100%; how the boss yelled at her tour agent Andrea for ripping us off and standing on our side because it was the right thing to do…

And I will always remember my favourite discovery – the tasty Salteña. A baked pastry stuffed with meat and potatoes, it was like a Latin American version of 雞批 & 叉燒批 (meat pies) back home. If only these were served all day!

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  1. ace says:

    sounds like a trip! love!

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