Day 86: Staying fed in Bolivia

Approaching Uyuni at sunset – 9 hours bumping on a dusty road

Our 6th day in Bolivia but not quite grasped the pace of life here. Finding good local fare seems a matter of luck and timing I’ve learnt is key to staying fed. Most comedors stop serving lunch at 2pm, and it’s hard to find something open before 9am – if you have an early bus to catch or arriving in the afternoon, it could mean going with an empty stomach for a while. Of course you can always feed at the gringo oriented restaurants serving pizza or pasta (if you find one), but we’ve learnt that unless you’re shelling out cash at an upscale place (if you find one), you’re more likely to end up with a plate of crap that is hard to swallow.

If you want to go local, you may also need a talent for “unseeing” things. We were on a 9 hour bus journey from Sucre to Uyuni which only stopped for a 20 minute lunch break. Desperately seeking for food, we settled for a place that served only fried chicken (there were only 2 to choose from, both serving only fried pollo). We ordered take away and took advantage of the toilets (there aren’t any on long distance buses in Bolivia so you have to seize every opportunity you get and ration water intake).

Squeezing backstage, we were greeted with an unwelcoming preview of our lunch. Blocking the toilet entrance were 2 buckets full of defrosted whole chickens soaked in blood water, some splashed on the floor like a Jackson Pollock wuz here statement. Appetizing!

Back on the bus, I stared at my fried drumstick and started laughing over a comment I wanted to make but thought better not to…

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  1. Joanna says:

    Did I tell you I had a burger in Bolivia at the bus stop with a black finger nail in it? Charlie was "enjoying" his burger so I swallowed my words and didn't tell him under way after what happened.

  2. 山 him says:

    Joanna: Eewwwwwwww sick!!!!

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