Day 83: Hey Bolivia ain’t that cheap!

Calle Jaen – the most beautiful street in La Paz.
Like Quito, the barrio clings to the mountainside in the distance.

After a day in the capital, we set off on an overnight journey to Potosi, a small colonial town towards the south of Bolivia.

The bus ride felt like a night in the ice hotel. We were the only foreigners and came well prepared with all our warmest clothes. But having seen how all the locals carried thick blankets on board, we felt like amateurs. Afterall, Potosi is one of the world’s highest cities; climbing to an altitude of 4,090m, it wasn’t going to be a warm ride.

We pulled into the bus terminal at the ungodly hours of 5am and dug around the cold deserted streets for a place to stay. We couldn’t check-in till noon so had no choice but to explore our new surroundings on tired feet.

Accommodation and food costs here (and in La Paz) were much higher than we anticipated. Having heard from so many travelers that Bolivia is a backpacker’s haven for everything was cheap, we were hoping our wallets could have it easy before heading into the more expensive regions of Chile and Argentina.

We were disappointed… it really isn’t cheaper than southern Peru at all, nor Ecuador nor some parts of Central America (Guatemala & Nicaragua)! Then we realised… everyone we talked to were coming from the south (ie. Chile & Argentina) so relatively speaking, it felt a lot cheaper for them.


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  1. ace says:


  2. Shane G says:

    ust came across your blog while doing a search for Bolivia, It's amazing the huge change in life you guys haven taken, but I admire you highly for it. One day I will do the same.

    All the best, enjoy, Take care and I look forward to more of your amazing pictures.

    Come to Trinidad and Tobago sometime!!

  3. Ray says:

    Hey guys,
    My sister just finished school, she has a little bit more than a month to spare, so she decided to go visit south america. She left on Friday, and is now in Uruguay. Think she is heading north east, will reach Rio eventually, then I don't really know where she is heading after that.
    Anyways, just wanted to say hi. Have fun in Bolivia!

  4. 山 him says:

    Shane G: Hello and thanks for dropping us a line! It´s really encouraging to know we´re sharing our adventures with ppl around the world.. One day you will do the same, remember not to let it slip! we always give ourselves the "timing´s not right" excuse…

    Ray: maybe we will bump into your sis??

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