Day 81: Touch the sky!

Views from the window: 4,000m closer to the sky

Yes! We made it through Bolivian immigration without a hitch! Crossing this border had been our biggest uncertainty due to vague definitions of visa requirements and having heard of probs with hong kong passports.
Our first stop was Copacabana, a small town on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca, for which the world famous Brazilian beach was named after. Having planned to spend a night here, we quickly changed our minds after arrival. There didn’t seem to be much of interest and the overcast skies weren’t really working in our favour for visiting Isla del Sol either – the birthplace of the Incas and home to a number of Inca ruins. It’s kinda hard to top Machu Picchu now and the pictures weren’t overly impressive anyway. Fuck it, let’s go. KF agreed.

So we pressed on to La Paz – the capital.

Views from the window:
Cordillera Real mountain range rising behind Lake Titicaca

The road to La Paz was gorgeous. One moment we were cruising above Lake Titicaca with scenery that reminded me of the Adriatic coast; the next we were in a wide open expanse of land that looked seemingly like the Tibetan highlands – rugged snow capped Andes lining the horizon and clouds so close they felt within arm’s reach. Afterall, we were almost 4,000m high!

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