Day 80: Stuck in Puno!

Floating Islands of the Uros people – everything built from reeds!

Buses aren’t running today because the road to Bolivia is blocked by a strike. We have no option but to stay another night and leave tomorrow instead. Not a bummer because I have a lot of admin stuff to catch up on anyway (tax returns from a past life!! Shit!).

We visited the floating islands of the Uros people yesterday. I was disappointed because I had hoped to snap some great shots there, deliberately choosing to go late afternoon for ideal lighting. It was a let down, the sun dipped behind a thin haze before 5 and boats were already heading back to Puno. I haven’t got my shot yet. WTF? I thought we were s’posed to have 3 hours here…

It was a unique sight though – the Uros use reeds to build everything, from homes to boats. Even the little islands they live on are built from reeds that need to be replaced as they rot in water over time.


Suddenly a number of rowboats were cruising away from an island, gliding across Lake Titicaca. There were children in high spirits on each boat. What’s going on? I asked an islander who told me school’s out. Ahh.. How cute.. Instead of schoolbuses, here you had school boats!

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  1. Rafzana says:

    Sorry to hear you didn't got the shot you'd liked to take, but I still love the pictures!

  2. ace says:

    I am so impressed w the photos and ure entry. It just sounds so peaceful to be out there.

    U finish your tax returns yet? Hope u don't owe coz after April 30 u get a penalty.

  3. Leslie says:

    I think it's funny that the 'old' life creeped into your glorious trip! I hope you quickly got it over and done with! :)

  4. Leslie says:

    You're a featured blogger for lonely planet! What does that mean? I think it's a goooood thing cos your blog is so awesome! :)

  5. 山 him says:

    Leslie: hehe it means when you go to and click on related countries, you will see our blog feed on those pages! :)

  6. ace says:

    i cant find it!

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