Day 107: Volcanoes, Hot Springs and Flat Tyres

Volcan Villarrica

There’s bad luck, and there’s bad luck… and I’m in a string of real fuckin’ bad luck. Our rented pickup burst its tyre yesterday morning, got it fixed, only to have it burst again later that afternoon! The second time on a rocky dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Thank god there were road workers nearby who gave us a hand.

Much needed help!! Flat tyre on our rented pickup truck.

My second camera lens is also a little messed up now. I don’t know why… probably from bumping over all those pothole laden dirt roads. Shit!

And when I headed to Temuco this morning, the nearest city (3 hour round trip) with a Canon service center… told it’d take 2 weeks for a repair as everything gets sent to Santiago.. no mechanics on site. Fuck! I seem to have regressed to the days of prehistoric communication. Why didn’t I think of making a phone call first?

Not to mention I’m still limping a little from a slip in San Pedro, bashed my toe in and it turned black.
Shit happens… but there’s no question I’m still loving every moment. I think when you travel, it’s so much easier to forget the negatives and just enjoy all there is. And there’s a lot to enjoy.

Top of the world: view from Volcan Osorno

The lake district here is like a Little Switzerland with a German twist. Only 150 years ago this southern district was the final Chilean frontier. Germans were invited to immigrate, build infrastructure and develop the area. It’s too easy to forget we are still in South America when the surrounding scenery is so European – rolling green hills, cows and horses, landscaped gardens, wood chalets, and lakes surrounded by snow capped mountains. It’s beautiful, but so tame compared to the wild landscapes we have seen around the continent. Not used to it!!

Lago Llanquihue

The region however is unique in an obvious way – volcanoes. Loads of them, right in your face. So majestic, so grand.. Pucón is a small alpine village at the base of Villarrica, a smoking hot volcano that glows red at night. We arrived ahead of plans and got rid of our shit pickup truck. Rented a small car instead.

Villarrica’s red hot glowing crater

There are thermal springs everywhere here too, almost feels like Japan. We watched dusk turn to dark, the stars and moon rise above our heads as we bathed in a natural pool of steaming mineral water. Soaked until our skin shriveled like rotten tomatoes! It was just what our tired backs needed.

Termas Los Pozones, natural hot springs under the full moon

To top things off… we made an impromptu dinner of sauteed clams in a chardonnay cream sauce. Never done it before and no idea how, but it just turned out awesome!! Beginner’s luck :)

An impromptu seafood dinner… Clams in chardonnay cream sauce (bottom right);
Seared sea urchin on toast (bottom left) – tastes like foie gras from the sea!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You guys deserved the hot spring treat. The seafood dinner looks great & yummy. Keep up your spirit & enjoy the upcoming journey ^_^


  2. ace says:

    i agree with miranda, the luck will turn eventually! xo

    missed u guys this glorious weekend! we wanted to hit harbourfront with you guys!

  3. Ray says:

    Oh my god! Nice dish down there (the clams)!

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