Day 102: Aimless wandering…

Getting our fill of Santiaguino seafood

Having breakfast at the bus terminal. We just arrived in Santiago, Chile’s capital and it’s surprisingly cold here (low double digits).
We’re in one of those “where to go from here” phases again, not sure what next move to make. Only in Santiago to get my camera lens fixed but we don’t want to stay here. Nearby Valparaiso and Viña del Mar don’t appeal either (bit too cold for the seaside). In fact, so far nothing about Chile is making us stay. We’d rather go back to Argentina sooner. The Atacama desert was beautiful but we already saw similar landscapes in Bolivia. San Pedro was just a (tacky) tourist hub with nothing genuine. The country is by far the most developed we’ve visited (excl. Argentina), but we’re already missing the simple genuineness of the developing world. And it’s hit or miss with Chileanos – some are down to earth friendly, some are just complete arses. Like real fuckin’ arses.

I want to get down to the lake district. We just spent the last 24 hours on a bus, should we press on with another 9 tonight… We’ll see.

Post note: Canon authorized service center not open. Shit. After some aimless wandering, lucking on internet access in the metro, and getting our fill of seafood in Santiago’s central market, we’ve decided to spend another night on a bus down south. Saturdays here feel like Sundays – the capital is a dead city and nothing is open… WTF??

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  1. Pippa says:

    Happy birthday honey!! Wow your day sounds amazing – will be much more exciting than my 30th this year will be! Can't wait to see you soon & catch up on all your news. Pippa xx

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