Thoughts From The Road: 家在那裡?


以前離鄉別井,很清楚香港就是我的家。 一聽「香港地」就感觸萬分,牽腸掛肚地想着土長的城市,為自己人而驕傲,為自己是香港人更驕傲。 陳生rap得對:「見過幾多風浪香港人仍然係香港人」、MC仁更到肉:「香港人至叻,唔駛靠人個個靠自己」。每次聽到這幾句就熱血沸騰。

隔了好久,今天再聽這歌,依舊感慨萬分,但發現感覺跟從前卻差別多了。像舊愛不再,香港在心目中的地位已不知不覺地淡化了。我依然為香港感到自豪,但這遍地黃金的都市還稱得上家嗎? 很迷茫,我不知道答案。熱淚再次湧到眼眶裡去了。


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  1. ace says:

    agreed… hk is all about materialism, money and what status their jobs are. (i hope i understand your entry since it's been translated).. i love hk to a certain extent. i choose not to live there because i dont want to live that life of going out partying, comparing my salary and seeing who has a better what. i love the simple drama free life.

    i love you guys coz you are nothing that hkg represents.. except for power.

  2. Ray says:

    我也十分同意, 我對香港有一種又愛又恨的感覺. 我的童年大部份都在香港度過, 這就是我的家. 作為香港人, 也當然有一種自豪感. 香港人的核心價值 – 勤奮, 進取, 追求自由和公平的社會, 不言敗, 對我的影響很大. 但今天, 我們這一代的香港人, 究竟又會不會堅持下去呢.

    移居海外雖不是我的決定, 但我十分慶幸成為加拿大人, 二等公民這個名詞很重, 幸好加拿大這國家的包容實在很高, 在這種環境生活很適合我, 將來的事很難說, 可能我會找到一個更好的地方, 但這一刻, 這國度真的給我一種家的感覺.

  3. 山 him says:

    Ray! 其實這旅途中,我與梁霏多次想到回加拿大生活… 真的很難說吧,最理想就是兩邊走,summer in Canada, winter in HK!! 要趕快找一份location-free的職業!

  4. Charlie says:

    家在那裡, in my opinion, is a prestigious topic that many people don’t even get to talk about. The privilege to ask implies the ability to choose and the choices is why we are so much richer than others. For many mainland Chinese, establishing a new “home” in Canada means letting go the one in China. Two homes rarely co-exist for them. So choices? Not so much, and that means stuck with what you got and work through it, baby. Sounds like arranged-married, which usually works out pretty good. =P

    I am glad that you all (Ray included) appreciate the place you call home, even it is temporary, and that you are constantly in pursuit of happiness (a better place/life). That’s what makes life so exciting!

    Saludo a las opciones que tenemos!

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